Not Your Typical Yacht Club

Welcome to the Route 66 Yacht Club, LLC

The Route 66 Yacht Club, LLC is a Social Organization whose Members strive to promote Route 66 and Route 66 Businesses to the rest of the World.

Being a Member of RT66YC is being a part of a large family of Route 66 enthusiasts and supporters. We meet for Fun, Recreation and formulating new ways to tell more people about the Route 66 Experience.

To Yacht, or not to Yacht

We call ourselves a Yacht Club (Yacht definition: Any of various relatively small, streamlined sailing or motor-driven vessels used for pleasure cruises or racing), not for any boating purpose, but as a Social Club, for those who enjoy motor-driven vehicles (vessels) for cruising or racing; or for any purpose, as long as it promotes Route 66.

Membership Levels

Founding Member

1st 66 members. $66 the first year, then $25 annually thereafter. (Includes 2 T-Shirts and Membership Card)


Yacht Club Active Member

$25 annually. (Includes 1 T-Shirt and Membership Card.


Ports of Call Member (Merchant Member)

$266 annually. Includes advertising option in publications and events.


LIFE Member

$500 -One Time (Includes 4 T-Shirts and a Lifetime Membership Card.


Kingman AZ

Headquarters Kingman, Arizona. We don’t have a Brick & Mortar location for our HQ yet, so we utilize our Ports of Call Merchant Members’ places of Business for impromptu and scheduled meetings.

If you are traveling Route 66 and plan on being in Kingman, Arizona, please contact us ahead of time so we can schedule a Welcome Party for you and your group. We can exchange Route 66 stories and get to know each other better. Also, we can provide you with more information on local attractions, must see destinations and Dining & Lodging suggestions.

We will also be adding more Route 66 Businesses all along the Route to our roster of Ports of Call Member Merchants, so there will soon be many other folks flying the Route 66 Yacht Club colors.


Community Oriented

Rt.66 Yacht Club

Our Goal

To spread the word and entice as many people as possible to learn about and understand what we already take for granted. Sometimes it takes a different perspective, a different idea to reach others to bring them into the fold.

The Route 66 Yacht Club is meant to do just that; create new excitement, start new conversations and introduce more followers to Historic Route 66. Join the Route 66 Yacht Club if you want to, or just purchase a Yacht Club t-shirt or hat, or just continue enjoying Route 66 anyway that pleases you, that is what is important. 

Looking to get involved?

We need some quotes from Route 66 “Roadies” and Mother Road enthusiasts everywhere. Tell us what the Route 66 Experience means to you, personally and culturally. 

If we are to enlighten the rest of the world and share the wonders of Route 66, having the personal insights of grass roots aficionados of the Mother Road is imperative.


All who see this page are already Members of the Route 66 International Family which is made up of a cross section of solid, down home, real people who have a common interest.

The fantasy of having a “Yacht Club” associated with the Route 66 community is just another Marketing ploy to create new interest and focus more attention on the Route 66 we all love.

People usually associate “Yacht Clubs” with the “Wealthy” or “Privileged” in our societies; well, aren’t we “Rich” in our knowledge and in our friendships that we have gleaned by our association with Route 66. Others should want to be a part of what we already have; we are “Privileged”.

Before you feel the need to criticize us for being just another capitalistic opportunist business taking advantage of the Route 66 Roadie Community, throttle back a bit and get to know us a little bit better. We are retired from long exhausting careers and currently live comfortable, peaceful lives in a Route 66 community; why would we want to upset this idyllic existence by creating an annoying, demanding new day to day responsibility for ourselves?

More and more we discover how unknown Historic Route 66 is in our own country, even though there are multiple Route 66 Associations in other countries where Route 66 doesn’t even exist. Why does an abandoned old roadway through the heartland of America create so much interest and tourism from international visitors while many Americans may not even be aware of its existence or its history and all that goes with it?

This is why the Route 66 Yacht Club, LLC was formed. Hopefully, with a little tongue in cheek, all of us may be able to break through to another level of individuals who will now take notice of this quirky Route 66 Yacht Club and become intrigued with the mystique and wonder that surrounds Historic Route 66.

Also, if after all the expenses, product and equipment costs, liability insurance, travel expenses, taxes, personal time invested, etc., after all that, there is still some “Profit” left over, this will allow us to donate more generously to Jim Hinckley’s non profit company, Route 66 Crossroads, LLC. Our good friend Jim’s Route 66 Crossroads, LLC is another effort to reach and teach more and more people about what Route 66 could or should mean to them. Jim is opening doors, bridging gaps and creating new partnerships by face-to-face engagement, teaching college courses and touring and lecturing internationally. Jim Hinckley, with his organization and his websites and blogs, is truly one of the many great assets that Historic Route 66 has and we are proud to continue to support his efforts any way we can.

Get in Touch By Phone Or email

Keep us informed of your travels and what you find interesting along the Mother Road and we’ll share it. Let us know if you think of any way we can help better promote the Historic Route 66 experience to others.

Have fun & travel safely